NBA Draft (Updated Lottery Mock Draft)

Jayhawks At the Top of Our Latest 2014 NBA Lottery Mock Draft 



Andrew Wiggins came into the 2013-2014 college basketball season as the consensus number one pick. After teammate Joel Embiid bursted onto the scene in early January, scouts flipped the two and started to think Embiid was the guy. Then the back injury heard around the world ended Embiid’s season allowing Wiggins to turn it up a notch, Wiggins was outstanding to end the season, and that is why he has taken back over the number one spot in our latest mock draft.

1.Philidelphia 76er’s- Andrew Wiggins | Height- 6-8 | Weight- 200 | Shooting Guard | Kansas



Scouts have been raving about Wiggins ever since he was 16 years old, the most gifted athlete in this draft. His athleticism and length allow him to be one of the best defenders in the draft. He does things on the court that other players simply just aren’t capable of doing. The main concerns scouts have with him is his killer instinct on the offensive end.

2. Milwaukee Bucks- Joel Embiid | Height- 7-0 | Weight- 250 | Center | Kansas


Embiid has drawn many comparisons to NBA great Hakeem Olajuwon, and the more I’ve talked with, the more that say this isn’t an exaggeration. In fact, some believe Embiid is farther along offensively than Hakeem was at this stage in his career. The back injury that ended his season is the main reason he lost the number one spot in the draft, however if he shows he’s healthy in the workouts I would not be shocked to see him go number one. The main concern scouts have with him right now is definitely health.

3. Orlando Magic- Jabari Parker | Height- 6-8 | Weight- 240 | Small Forward | Duke


Parker is considered to be the most NBA ready player in the draft. He can score from anywhere on the floor, and always looks to be in attack mode. When I watch Parker I immediately think Carmelo Anthony. This is why many teams are still considering him as the number one pick. The one major weakness that Parker possesses, is his struggles on the defensive end. Scouts worry about his ability to keep up with other Small Forwards at the next level.

4.Boston Celtics-  Dante Exum | Height- 6-6 | Weight- 190 | Point Guard | Australia


Exum is a guard with tremendous size, athleticism, and quickness. These three components are what make him such a prized prospect. He’s outstanding at getting to the basket, and takes tremendous care of the ball. Biggest weakness is his jump shot, however he has good mechanics on his shot, and scouts believe he can turn into a solid shooter down the road.

5. Utah Jazz- Julius Randle | Height- 6-9 | Weight- 225 | Power Forward | Kentucky


The most physical player in this draft, and I’m not sure its even close. Randle has outstanding strength, and great handle for someone his size. He’s plays so hard the whole game, which is why he gets a double-double almost every night. However, has struggled against front courts with length, as well as taking care of the ball.Will need to develop a jump shot if he wants to be successful in the NBA.

6. Los Angeles Lakers – Marcus Smart | Height- 6-4 | Weight- 225 | Point Guard | Oklahoma St.


Smart is a strong powerful guard who has great size for the point guard position. Scouts love his leaderships skills, as well as the intensity he plays with on the court. He has a suspect jump shot, but has shown signs that he is capable of hitting the three ball. His competitiveness alone makes scouts fall in love with him. With an improved jump shot he has a chance to be a star in the league.

7. Sacremento Kings- Noah Vonleh | Height- 6-10 | Weight- 240 | Power Forward | Indiana


Vonleh is definitely not as NBA ready as a lot of guys in this draft, however his upside is out of this world. He has the size and athletic ability to be a great NBA forward. He just hasn’t put it all together quite yet on the offensive end. Not going to be a pick to win Rookie of The Year, but wouldn’t be shocked to see him as one of the most successful guys out of this draft a few years down the road.

8. Cleveland Cavaliers- Aaron Gordon | Height- 6-8 | Weight 210 | Power Forward | Arizona


An absolute athletic freak, which is why so many think he has a chance to be the next Blake Griffin. Plays with great energy, and really gets after it on the defensive end. Due to his lack of size, scouts really want his jump shot and ball handling skills to improve.

9. Detroit Pistons- Tyler Ennis | Height- 6-2 | Weight 180 | Point Guard | Syracuse


Ennis is a pure point guard who effects the game in so many ways. Great distributer, but also has shown an ability to score when his team needs a bucket. Is not a great athlete, which is why he isn’t rated higher.

10. Denver Nuggets- Zach LaVine | Height- 6-5 | Weight 180 | Point Guard | UCLA


By far the biggest project in the draft. Probably would have benefited by sticking around for another year, but there is no doubt this guy has the ability to one day be an NBA All Star.  He can jump out the gym, and is also a  tremendous scorer. Definitely needs to work on his passing ability if he wants to be an NBA point guard, but there is not question this kid has the tools to be an outstanding NBA player.

11. Philadelphia 76er’s- Gary Harris | Height- 6-4 | Weight 210 | Shooting Guard | Michigan State


The best shooting guard in college basketball this past season if you ask me. A great shooter that can also get to the basket. Lack of size is what most people consider to be his weakness.

12. Orlando Magic- Jerami Grant | Height- 6-8 | Weight- 205 | Small Forward | Syracuse


Grant is a freak athlete that thrives in the open floor. Scouts are mostly interested in how well he can transition into a Small Forward because of the fact he lacks size to player Power Forward. He has a streaky jump shot but when its falling he’s a very scary offensive weapon.

13. Minnesota Timberwolves- Rodney Hood | Height 6-8 | Weight 180 | Small Forward | Duke


Hood has great size for his position, and is a lights out shooter. His ability to score the ball is what scouts love about him. Biggest weakness is his defense.

14. Memphis Grizzlies- Doug McDermott | Height 6-8 | Weight 220 | Small Forward | Creighton


The best scorer in college basketball, McDermott has a great jump shot, lacks quickness but makes up for it by being incredibly crafty with his offensive game. One scout told me he fears he could become the next Adam Morrison. But that is unlikely, and many agree that he will have an impact on whatever team he goes to.


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